#ConTéyCafé next Thursday: First International Speaker

Next Thursday 12pm CDMEX/ 6pm Morocco/ 1pm ET. LIVE with Khadija Bennani from Le Parent Conscient at Instagram @anaharomyjourney .

Talks #ConTéyCafé ☕️

Khadi is a mom of two, certified coach in Conscious Parenting, and a Mindfulness Teacher based in Morocco.

For over ten years, she has worked with parents and educators in schools, businesses, charities and in her private practice. Her integrative approach combines modern principles of psychology & neuroscience with the ancient practices of mindfulness & meditation. She helps parents around the world to connect with their children through workshops, conferences, and individual sessions.

**With Khadi we will talk about: The benefits of Mindfulness and its application to motherhood and life.

So excited to have Khadi in the house!! First international speaker and a dear friend.

Follow her at FB or IG on @leparentconscient.

Invite your friends.
See you next Thursday.

With love,
Ana Haro

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