#ConTéyCafé: The proper environment for 0 to 3 yo

📢 Next Wednesday 5pm CDMEX / 3pm PT LIVE with Monisha from @tamilmontessori

Talks #ConTéyCafé

Monisha, a full-time working mom in the tech industry, with a passion for child development. Originally from India. She moved to the US more than 6 years ago. Currently living with her husband and an 8-month-old in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

From being a #Montessori child to a Montessori practitioner now. She is AMI certified for 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 years old. She is raising her little one the Montessori way from birth. A major part of this is about following her and preparing the environment to suit her developmental needs.

They are a bilingual home: speaking English and Tamil. Monisha shares helpful resources for parents – books, poems, DIYs, developmental materials, and crafts. She is really making a difference positively impacting the life of children and parents

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With Monisha we will talk about:
How to create a YES environment for the little ones? Especially from 0 to 3 years old. What is a proper environment for this plane ?

Invite your friends!!!
See you on Wednesday!

With love,
Ana Haro

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