Ukraine/ Ucrania

I write from a bleeding heart.

After all we have gone through these past 2 years. After being swept by a virus that took millions of life.

After seeing that we are all together in this human journey. We are interconnected.

After all the suffering, trauma and uncertainty we all have gone through I can’t believe there is still place for a war.

What are we missing as citizents of world that there is still room for hate and unpredictable violence?

What are we missing that we are still cocreating governments, politicians, human beings with no common sense?

So disappointed by all the International Organisms, Institutions that failed to prevent this war.

It is not about Russia or Ukraine, It is about all of us as human beings. How is that we can still believe that is “them” who are at war. It is not Them is all of us. Humans are loosing their lives, humans are killing humans.

I stand for Ukraine, for Peace, for Justice, for Human Rights. Because there is no reason to kill each other. We are all humans sharing a planet.

Social Media is the World now. Let’s make it loud and clear. I sand for PEACE, I stand for LOVE, STOP the WAR.

With love,

Ana H.

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