Interview with myself…

I have being thinking about my own mission for my practice as a Parent Educator. I have realized that the way I am doing it is just my way. Some days I want to run to do and do, some other days I am very quiet just observing and breathing.

The most important thing I have realized, is that this “practice” my practice won’t make sense at all if I don’t enjoy it. If I start pressuring myself about it. After I realized this, I felt lighter and invigorated.

So this is me now, taking one step at a time. Not rushing but enjoying each step. The creative me, the silly me, the playful me. Stop taking myself so serious. That is exactly what I want to transmit to my clients, specially moms. Those moms that are too harsh with themself (I was/am some times too harsh with myself). So I am on it. I am my own bootcamp!

When I give myself permission to be my most authentic self . I am free of my mental cage. That is authentic power and my door to a joyful life!

Much love


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