My nightstand book: BIG MAGIC @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

If you are looking for inspiration.

If you are looking for a soft place to land.

If you are longing for someone to “get you”.

If you are a creator (we all are) however if you already know that your purpose on Earth is to create and you just can’t fake it any more…

Make yourself a favor and get this book! It is brilliant!!!.

I can’t tell you how much this book and the way it is written has helped me to acknowledge something I already knew but wasn’t in my awareness.

I love to create. All I do is meaningless if I don’t see it with my “artist” glasses.

For me this is BIG MAGIC. Purpose in ALL I do. Finding the “fun” even in the most mundane activity. There is nothing boring about life. We make living boring !!!.

But LIFE isn’t boring at all!.

Shake yourself out of your comfort zone and get some action please!

Make yourself a favor and live with PASSION!


Ana Haro

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