“Crafting” my own story…

Creativity is for me the seed that feeds my soul. I am discovering healing power in the art of creation. Writing, photography, drawing, sewing, you name it whatever feeds my soul I will go for it.

I am fascinated by Brené Brown’s work because she gave a new meaning to “creativity” and how powerful and relevant it is, when approaching life with authenticity and courage.

For me creativity is “to create”. It empowers me to move forward. It ease the pain, it clears the mind, and so it opens the path for a new way of being. As I am moving forward in this life I have seen the powerful effect of doing something creative, doesn’t matter what, each day. It rises my energy level, it gives me back the joy I have lost by “worrying” , by “excess” doing, you name it. It is a subtle balance between “doing” and “not doing”. It is a “doing” without effort, I flow into it. Whenever I feel too drained I have learned to sit in stillness watch myself, my thoughts and during these observations I have learned that by doing something creative during my day I recharge. I am gonna use the analogy from Dr Shefali but differently, like two wings of the eagle: you sit still then you act on something creative. My formula to bring back my joy.

I am embracing more now than ever the “creative person” that lives within me. I am giving to “creativity” my own definition. I am doing what resonates in me about what “creativity” is, guided by intuition you/me will never lose track. Don’t think for a second that this goes easy on me, I am a mom of two little ones, I lose my cool once in awhile. But precisely because of it, I need more than ever to recharge. A challenge by itself.

I love The Marble Jar idea/store by the way! I agree that “ART” is a core aspect in Wholehearted living.



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