Walking the fear requires courage…

What is fear for me?, walking on my own shadow, resisting, denying. Being overwhelmed by something that already is….

Sometimes feeling lonely, sometimes feeling sad, sometimes in pain, sometimes annoyed (this IS UNFAIR!), sometimes drained, exhausted, sometimes all…

Fear is “tricky”, sometimes I don’t know I am afraid. Sometimes it appears just as “bad humor”, like I was angry, anxious….

Fear has millions of faces, for me is that….

Crossing my own fear requires courage, requires acceptance, requires openness. Not “wishful thinking”, not at all. Concrete actions by myself . My full attention, my full awareness, I am and so I can…

I am crossing my own fear…. God! I never thought it was easy, but never occurred to me it was so damn difficult….

There is always light at the end of the “tunnel” always always and the “tunnel” always always has a way out… however I must do the walking … I must cross it all… and so I am…

I can hold a hand, I am not alone in this, there is people around (a tribe), however I am the one leading my walk, I am the one in charge of my own battle…

Is this really a battle? I might say it is because I resist sometimes, instead of accept the fear IS. Otherwise is just a walk…. as there are many in life…



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