Motherhood lessons…

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Learning all the time…!

Motherhood, what is it? is it something you can eat? Lol! sure you can’t! but it is something you can breath and live. So I am in that! How?, I decided to treasure each moment, each stage as a valuable lesson. There is wisdom everywhere, we just don’t see it. We go around just existing without living the life, without feeling the life, without taking a time to breath and say Oh! thank you God! I am alive! Yes I am in pain, yes I am sad, yes I am happy or yes whatever but I am feeling! I have that capacity! I am human, I feel. I can cry a river if I want and move on if I want to. Anyway!. Sorry I kind of move to another subject lol!. I was saying, there is wisdom all around and so there is around me and you.

I started this blog because I wanted to capture all I have lived in my early years as a mom and hoping that someone could find some empathy, peace or inspiration in my writing. So here I am and I want to share some of the lessons I have treasured so far from my experience as a mom:

Not to judge and not felling judged. Each person on the earth has its own personal sign, so we all do things our way. We are all unique, so why do we always expect others to be like us or to think like us? That’s just impossible!. Yes we can have commonalities, but that isn’t the rule. So I started to judge less, to let it be. If I am doing something in a way I consider is the best for me so I’ll do it. I do not expect acceptance or recognition from anyone and I don’t judge anyone for doing it on the other way. Why? because life is tricky sometimes and we all have a different backgound so we act different. That’s important to accept. Life is much simple! I can tell!. I used to be hurt  when people didn’t understand my point, or criticised me for doing, saying whatever they think was wrong. I am not anymore. I don’t judge and I don’t feel judged. I am living my very own life and I am too busy to keep in mind what other people think about me. I learned it from motherhood!. It is crazy incredible the amount of people that want to tell you how to do your “mom job”!, even the television. You get overwhelmed with so much ideas that you just get confused. So just let them be and please! do your own thing!

I decided to be just me. “Just being”. I am not the perfect mom nor the perfect woman, wife, entrepreneur, whatever you name it. I am just me! and that’s enough!. I was going to write there is too much pressure out there, well the pressure is not out there, is “in us”. We just want to get all answers right!. We want to be the perfect mom, looking all together and gorgeous all the time. The ideal wife with the perfect husband and the perfect house, all in its place. The perfect professional life, with rewards and promotions. We want it all! and guess what! That’s the path to madness! I can tell! So I decided to step back and see all from a neutral point, evaluate my priorities and then move on. I decieded just to be me. I am this imperfect human being that everyday is giving her best. Rewards? Promotions? Recognitions? I don’t need it. I have my own sense of worth. My worth is unmeasurable, just as yours. So I don’t give second thoughts to my old life, or what could it be if…. I am living my day on a present moment. I am a common human being as we are all on this planet. I learned from motherhood. I will not get all right, but I am putting all my effort and my heart in all I do. For me and for my loved ones.

Advices are good when are asked.  I learned to listen more. Still working on this. As I said before, we are all unique, so we do things in a different way. I started listen instead of jumping to give advices that are not even required. Most of the time I wanted to help people, by telling them what to do and how. Guess what? never worked! Why? because most people don’t need to listen what to do, they just want to be listened. So I am working on that, honestly sometimes I get frustrated!. Because in my mind I really think they need and advice from my part. So in that case I would ask: May I give you an advice?. If the answer is yes, then I would. If not, then I keep it for myself.

Life sometimes is complicated, Chopra might say I make it complicated, perhaps he is right. In the meanwhile I keep learning from my mistakes and trying to be honest to myself about who I am, what I need and what I want. Planet earth will keep turning slowly and I will keep walking my way to my life.



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