Always look for inspiration…


These two jewels!

Sorry I have been offline a few days!. As my title says I was looking for that bit of inspiration. Lol! it took me a while! Actually it didn’t, but I needed to put my mind in order before writing a post. I had different ideas but finally came out with this. Being a full-time mom, entrepreneur, person, human being, whatever, you name it or just being. Sometimes is overwhelming. That’s why is so important for me to surround myself with people, books, music, pictures, whatever could inspire me. Why? Because it recharges me!

I decided to go in a way of not putting my child on a daycare, that means we are all day long together, when I say all day long it literally means all day long. I decided to have a TV-less home, so I am not using TV, iphone or whatever electronic device that come to the market to entertain her. I am an average woman, just as you, that decided to do things my way. I changed drastically the path of my life and yes I am happy, but yes somedays I am lost. From my observation and my own experience, it is much easier to follow the flow of the people than finding your own flow and follow it. It is hard breaking patterns, even when it is worthy. It is hard to do it your way and not the common way. But it is, much more rewarding do it the best you can in your own way.

So please!!! Don’t hesitate!! Keep going! keep doing it the best you can in your own way! Don’t compare yourself with others, never ever minimise your ideas, your goals, your dreams. They are yours! If the people around you think different let them be. That’s meant to be that way. Don’t impose your thoughts to anyone, and don’t let anyone tell you what to do and how. You are the creator of your life!. Quite a challenge? Yes it is hard I know, but at the same time it is easy. You will find yourself more confident, happier in your own being. I have done it, if I can you can as well , we are the same.

My secret? look for inspiration all day long, any time. Books are very useful, look for titles that give you energy. Positive reading is basic thing for keep going in life. Listen musing often, whatever gives you energy, positive vibes and put you in good mod. I have books I have read many times in my life. The Witch of Portobello is one of them by Paulo Coelho, another one from Coelho is Brida. These two are really good ones if you are lacking of inspiration and want to get back on track. They are really inspirational tools.When to read if you have a kid? That’t the trick! you will find the way if you want to do it. I do it at nights, or when rocking her at the nap time. You will know.

Hope this post is useful for you as it was for me writing it.
As always will love to read your comments…



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