Too many good people around…


The beauty of simplicity…

I want to share with you something that happened to me a few days ago. I am sure that good actions are multiplied by themselves. I was at home at night already at my pijamas doing the last pending shores of the day. My little one already in bed, and I was just trying to finish the day. So the bell rang, and I was like, really? at this time?. It wasn’t that late, perhaps 8.30pm or so, but I was already in my pijamas just catching up with everything. Anyways I thought not to open the door and just ignore the bell, but they rang again and I was a bit annoyed this time. So just saw a lady writing a note on her car, so I opened the door. She ran to me to explain: “Hi, sorry to bother!, the postman by mistake delivered this letter at my house. I wasn’t sure where do you live but as it says it is an important information, I decided to look for you house!”.

I was now mortified!, I nearly ignored the poor lady doing an extra effort to give me the letter that by mistake was delivered to her. I apologised as much as I could for not opening fast enough.  She was so friendly and kind. She said: “I was going to leave you a note, with the letter, to explain you what happened, but so glad you where at home so I can give it to you”.

This is just a tiny example of how simple life is and how any of us can spread the spirit of goodness and giving anytime at anyplace.  I am most of the time focused on the amount of things I do on daily basis that I forget that the simplest things are the most valuable. Simplicity in our actions, with our co-workers, with our relatives, with our neighbours, could change the path of the world to a more peaceful and friendly place to live.

I was so focused on my daily shores, and rushing to get them done, so I could finally have a rest, that I nearly ignored the person ringing my bell. That’s what happens most of the time, we are rushing from one place to another, from one commitment to another that we just don’t see the message in the simplicity of each day. That’s something I am learning now with my kid, to focus on the now, living the present. Find the good, the beauty, the message of each moment. It’s hard for me! But that’s my challenge then and I will keep working on that.

Is it a challenge for you? Love to read you…



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