A place called home…


Home sweet home…

There is not place on earth I like the most like home. I like family holidays, road trips to anywhere, but at the end, the place I enjoy the most is my home. What is home? What is it for you?

For me home is this material place we have created, where we have printed our soul. We have laughed and cried, we have dreamed and worked. It is for me, that peaceful place where I can find myself. Home could be any place, as long as we are together, but certainly I feel more grounded when I am at my place called home =).

This is for me home. I enjoy my time here, making it cozy for me and for my loved ones. Was I always like this? perhaps. I have always liked making comfy the places where I live. I have the opportunity to make an internship in Helsinki, Finland years ago. Before everything started lol! That was my first time living abroad, that was my first time creating a new “home” for myself. It was such an experience. I enjoyed it a lot!. I had my place, it was a small apartment with 3 bedrooms, I shared with 2 beautiful girl friends (one from Holland and one from France), I remembered them with lots of love. So the apartment was simply equipped, but it was beautiful and cosy for me. I did my best with my bedroom to make it warmer. We were at minus 20 Celsius outside! quite cold for me!. Inside was just fine, but outside was crazy cold. So I did my best to make my little room as comfy as possible!. After that experience, I promised to myself I will go to Europe for a longer period, and so I did!.

It took me a while to be honest, I nearly though I wouldn’t make it. But always God makes the moves in the perfect time. So I got a scholarship for my Master degree and went to live to Dublin, Ireland for a year and a half. That was my second “home” abroad. That was the best part of my life, before now. If I could repeat something in life, would be my time in Dublin (and now of course). I loved everything there, the people, the food, the green, the rain, even the public transport. And of course I loved my home there!. It was also an apartment, 3 bedrooms, but now the living room was bigger and brighter! and loved the kitchen! it was fully equipped! I shared with 2 beautiful girls from Germany, and I had the best time there I had in ages.

As life has passed, I have realised the few things I need for living. A few, but very basic ones, a secure place to live and lovely people around. The rest is optional!.

What do you think?…




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