The Joy of reading…


Two good guys to read about!

I was talking the other day with a friend of mine, she as well as I, enjoys reading. I know why I find myself amazed by a book, but I wanted to know about her, so I asked: She told me, “I enter to a different world, I see myself from a different mirror. I am whatever I want to be without limits when reading!”. I agreed! That’s the mystery of reading. You find yourself surrounded by different people, in different scenarios, mainly places you would never know in life.


The talk kept going on that direction, so we started discussing about books that are inspirational and transformational. There are many of them, I would say most of the books are transformational. It is up to you if you are changed for good o not. Anyways, one of the books I love the most is Gandhi’s autobiography, for me that book was life changing. I have never read someone so critical with himself. He was an ordinary man, that managed to change his path and make his life something extraordinary. He combined in perfect balance the spiritual and the material world. It wasn’t easy, he explains, but he did it. Another book I highly recommend is Mandela’s autobiography, you will get from him the courage to overcome everything. You will see your problems so trivial. So I did. You will find in his words the strength to get out of whatever is troubling you.  These two guys fought for they dreams, and gave everything they had to pursue them. That’s inspirational for me.

I am sorry I am not recommending “Parenting books” will get into that as well, but in a different post. I wanted to share with you these two readings. I found the titles in Spanish. Actually they found me! I never know what book I will get until I get it. So I was there in a bookstore some years ago, just checking titles and they were just there. So I took them.

I know they are in different languages, definitly  they are in English so I highly recommend these two. For whatever purpose you read, these guys are always a good company. If you have read them, please let me know your thoughts about them…






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