Social media frenzy…


Love the colours of nature in real life!

I am admired and shocked!. ohhh! yes I am. It is incredible how fast and far the information travels to any place you can/can’t imagine. I don’t know if I like that!. I like the feeling of knowing my friends close to me. Especially the ones located on the other part of the world. But I am not sure if I want my life flying all over the globe without me knowing it. That’s the shocking part and that’s what is happening know. I am not concern about me, I am concern about our kids, our little ones.

Why? I will tell you why. Do you consider yourself an expert on social media? do you handle properly the privacy settings? do you really know all the people you have in your friend list? if your answer is yes. So, I think you don’t have too much to worry about. But if you aren’t so sure, then it is time to take a minute and think about my argument.

Honestly I do use social media, and I prefer using it for business purpose. I know it is just for fun sharing pictures, thoughts, etc. I know! It is indeed hilarious and fun sometimes. But ask yourself what are you sharing on regular basis and with who? and why are you sharing it? is it too personal? is it too much?. I am not against technology and I do think it is very useful. It isn’t the demon. However, it is something we need to learn to deal with, without going to an extreme. I want to rise my kid in a world where the technology and the social media are just tools, but not the main thing!. I like sharing personal matters, but face to face with a friend, perhaps during a playdate, or a brunch, or maybe in the grocery shop. I really don’t like this new way of interacting just by an electronical devise. For business is marvellous! but for personal life could be too dangerous, or so I think.

What do you think? am I old fashion? I really would like to read you insights. I am not saying technology is the bad guy. Certainly It isn’t! I use it a lot! it is a very handy tool for communication and for business. But it isn’t for family matters and certainly it isn’t a tool to leave open to the kids without supervision. So here  what I do on regular basis: (1) I use my mobile phone just in certain hours, (2) I don’t borrow my phone to my little one (at the end it is my business tool not a toy).  (3) If I need to catch up for business, I do it when my little one is busy with something, or at night when is already sleeping. (4) I don’t need/have an ipad, because I have a laptop and a phone. So I don’t need any extra electronic divise around me.  (5) TV is not an option, so it is turned off all day long, but there are plenty of activities to do at home or out, in the park/garden. I will write a post about that. I have proved that a TVless home is possible, and the ipad/iphone etc isn’t necessary at all for entertaining a kid.

This is just me, I know it sounds extreme, but believe me, it is possible and it is healthy. It gives you plenty of peace at the end of the day.

I love to read your comments…





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