Just love…


My beautiful Orchid!

What is love? There is a bunch of definitions to answer this question. But seriously what is it? I guess just the ones living in it might be able to answer. What is it for you? I really want to know.

For me love is all, but mainly it is this team we have created. Love is this union, that makes me feel powerful and brave. It is felling accompanied even when we are far from each other. Love is being a partner all the way long, during bad times and good times.

I, as well as many, have found the simplest and deepest form of love in the person beside me ( you can name it as you want it). Is it possible? It is for me, and I am thankful for that. Life is full of ups and downs and having this special person in my life, has made my  bad days less painful.

Love is friendship, humility, empathy and joy. That’s for me love. When I found myself in someone else’s eyes.

Your thoughts are always welcome.



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