Mom 24/7- 365


Just a mom, taking care of her little one.

I have the pleasure of knowing many beautiful ladies, that are doing brilliant at their professional life and at home (with their kids, husband, cat and dog). They are living their dream and this post isn’t about them. Love to all of them. This post is about the “traditional” and obtuse stereotype of a full time mom.

I don’t know if all around the globe is the same, but I am certain that in some countries, like e.g. Mexico. Country from where, by the way, I am writing, (never though my location would be relevant, but well, for the purpose of this post it is Lol!.). My point is, the full time mom “job” is so underestimated. We, the society, are the cause of it. Why?, because we have given more weight to the material life of doing and having, than to raise our kids.

Some years ago, before my kid Of course!, I had the idea of pursuing the ideal of a professional independent woman. I didn’t know at that time, what I know now. What’s the deal, of expending so many hours at the office if at the end of the day I just gained stress and earned some money?. Some might say, well YEAH! the MONEY!!!!! Lol! Indeed, the money is useful and necessary, I agree! but it isn’t all. There is too much work on raising our kids, with love, patience, guidance, rules and limits. That’s the job I want to have!. That’s the job at the end of the day leaves me, yes with stress and no money, but plenty of peace. am I crazy?. Perhaps!  =)

I used to get upset when someone asked me, are you still working?. I was like AGGRR #$@$!!!. Now I just answer YES!, from home. And that’s true!, I don’t need to spend 8hrs at the office 5 days a week to consider myself a productive person for the society. I am doing the most important job in a life time, raising my kid properly for God sake!. I deeply admire all women who have contributed in silence to the society, they aren’t in the history books, neither at the newspapers, or magazines, by raising citizens capable of sharing the world without violence, with values, that are respectful of the nature. People emotionally and spiritually healthy. So yes, I would rather be one of this silent women, than another crazy lady trying to conquer the world.

I know! a bit overdramatic my conclusion Lol!, but I do feel I am in the right place and in the right moment and I wanted to share it with you.!



PS, I’ll be delighted to read your thoughts,

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