Friendship can heal a soul…


isn’t spring colours beautiful?

What’s about friendship that always makes your life brighter?.

Since I am a mom I have realised the importance of having good and closer friends. Now more important than ever, Why? perhaps because my life is now more complicated than ever? Lol! I don’t know. I just think that motherhood isn’t easy. It is a really serious job, that needs working out many different skills, that aren’t precisely our core business. So having friends to talk about that, and that are going through the same stuff, makes the process easier. What do you think?

Seriously, I have been blessed with very good friends and they have made my life brighter!. We are all moms and we are all in the journey together. It is healthy in an emotional and spiritual level, get out of the house and get together. It could be a brunch, a playdate, you name it. It is really a release of positive energy that helps me to recharge batteries and get back to “mom business!”. I think the friendship between moms is noble. Motherhood is a whole new world that just a mom knows and that needs to be shared between them (the moms).

Moreover, by having friends I have learned trusting in someone else, different from a relative. I have learned to listen someone else ideas, and to be empathic. Friends are important all life long, but for me friendship has been more important now than ever.

Cheers to all my crazy and beautiful friends! =)

Please love to here your insights!

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