Me time? Is that possible ?


What do you do to unwind? Is that even possible? … Honestly for me is not easy. After my little one was born everything revolves around her, including me. We go together everywhere, we are together all day long and it is terrific and so exhausting! I kind of feel guilty if i need space. Complicated feeling hum!

It is weird for me the time off but I know I need it. For me, time off is perhaps going out for an hour for a haircut, or facial. Perhaps stay at home reading, or working in my business but in peace and silence!.

I need to improve the “me time” in order to have more energy to keep going with my journey as a mom. Nothing too drastic, as I do consider that at this stage my daughter needs me more than ever and in the future she will need me as well but not with this intensity. I believe that in the future the bond we are creating now, will be strong enough to overcome anything.

Please feel free to share with me your own experiences! Really need some guidance lol!

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