The dichotomy: going to work or staying home, when having a child

0 to 6 years old are the most important years of a child. This period marks the course of his/her life. There is plenty of material out there that reinforces this theory. It isn’t me talking.

After saying that, for me is obvious that some women have found their flow working outside home. The fact that I (Ana) found my flow in my home with my kids, doesn’t blind me to see that some other soulmates found it outside home.

My humble offer is the following, no judgments here. The fact that you are going to the office every day, doesn’t make you a “bad” mother. The fact that I stay at home everyday doesn’t make me a “good” mother. Motherhood goes way beyond that. We need to get on the root of this fallacy and release ourself from the imposed guilt that society put on us.

Society wants a working woman fighting the glass ceiling and also wants the dedicated mom to her child and home. Society wants all! and it is bull crap that we can do it all. We can’t and WE (women) must stop this craziness. First of all release the guilt!

Do you happen to have children? Your life is now way more complex than it was. Nothing on earth prepare us to be a mother. Stop pretending you are all together all the time. If you decide to have children and you have found your flow isn’t exactly at home, then go for it. My humble offer, just be sure that you are leaving your kids perfectly safe and loved with someone you trust or in a place you trust. Let’s make all the difficult questions, who cares! We are trusting the most valuable gift live gave us. So yes, let’s be deadly severe when interviewing people or places to leave our kid.

As I said before, 0 to 6 years old is the most important period of childhood, so if you happen to have children in this age (as I do) we need to do our job of providing them a safe environment and then go to work. Most of the time we think that leaving our kid with a family member could be the “safest” place. Yes in most cases it is. But in some others it isn’t. So we must be clear of doubt when choosing the place and the company that our kid will have around.

Kids at early age are a sponge, so a “toxic” environment can severely affect their future and our future as parents. We need to be very attuned to where and with who, we are leaving our kids.

Deadly honest true, our role as a mother cannot be replaced, sorry to say it, but it is what it is. The younger the kid the biggest his/her need of a present mom. So being out or being in, doesn’t matter just be present when you need to be present (it doesn’t mean just appearing at the school festival, you know what I mean) Yes, motherhood isn’t a piece of cake. There is no manual. We need to trust our gut and release the guilt. The future will pay us back or so I think.


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