Welcome to my place!

Hello! Welcome to my place!💕
This is a place I have created for you, for me, for all women, mothers, parents in the world. A place where you will find the empathy, the support and the love we all need when raising a child.

Here you will find my own life experiences as a mother, woman, wife you name it. It is a safe place to connect and understand our rol as mothers, parents. It could get tricky, messy, overwhelming so let’s talk about it.

I am a humble supporter of the “conscious parent movement”, started by Dr. Shefali’s teachings and books. Hence you will find here I refer to her books or teachings very often.

So glad you are here, so thankful our paths crossed and we can enrich each other with our life experiences and presence.

Please feel free to comment anytime you need to, that’s the purpose of this space to share and connect with all the mothers out there.


*All photos are mine, there is a story behind each one. 💕 enjoy ! 😊

Feel free to share🌟
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