Did you say churros?…😊

Fancy and yummy churros 😂

The dessert was delicious but the main course was the company, the sharing…

Two “adults”, one toddler and one baby traveling together… it’s a delight and a nightmare at the same time.

Of course I need carbs! Of course I enjoyed my yummy carbs! It’s part of the deal. A mom can’t function all the time without a “break”, time off, or in this case without some “churros”…😂

Self care is my challenge this year. I am learning about it. It is a delicate balance between taking care of myself and the others.

Self care is for me, to acknowledge what I need and to ask for it. It is way beyond “superficial” needs, it is about knowing myself so deeply that I can identify a specific need. Fully present and fully attuned to myself.




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