My profound intention

My profound intention…

My profound intention is that my kids keep their own way of being. Like they are now, so spontaneous, so graceful, so happy, so chatty singing all around. So determined. To blossom in their destiny. I am amazed by them. By the beauty of their spirits. I do see them.

My mission is just to usher them. To fan their light. Just to provide a safe place for them to live their infancy so that when they are ready. They fly to wherever their life might take them. I am just their humble partner in life, they came through me but not for me. They aren’t filling me, I am full already. They aren’t mine, they are their own . I think the world of them. I am just their most loyal fan forever in life and beyond.

I set my intention now and I placed into motion since the very beginning of their existence. I am ready to let them go and find their way. I am and I will always be just here for you.

Mom (Ana)

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