Una DELICIA matutina💓🙃

Yogurt de COCO ya quedaba medio bote. Sorry not sorry me comí todo lo que quedaba yo😂 Ahí mismo en el frasco le puse: - plátano - amaranto - crema de cacahuate, la que mueles en el HEB. Puritito cacahuate molido. - cacao en polvo - moringa - chia - hemp - miel de abeja … Continue reading Una DELICIA matutina💓🙃

Breakfast for 3… 💓

Breakfast for 3! 💁🏻👼👼 Why not? 😂 All I eat seems so delicious that they can't resist! Lol!... What do I do?, I eat as healthiest as I can so they do the same... Healthy habits starts with us the PARENTS!😘 What would you add to this bowl to make it your own? --- Aquí … Continue reading Breakfast for 3… 💓