Women Empowerment Day💪🏻💓

Gracias a Quiero Posh por las cortesías 😘 para el Women Empowerment Day 💪🏻💓 Estuvo súper padre! Lo disfruté muchísimo! Club Sonoma súper buenos anfitriones! Las pláticas todas buenísimas! Jael Toledo me encanto tu testimonio. Me resonó mucho tu mensaje. Padrísima tu platica! 💗 Ana Cecilia Villarreal súper buenos tips! Muy prácticos 👍🏻 Nos acompañó … Continue reading Women Empowerment Day💪🏻💓

The Hat 👒

Today we had to wear a hat 👒! lol! Enjoying the sunny days ☀️as much as possible! We headed near to the mountain to meet some friends💗. Friends that became family 💓 Just make it simple and make it happen. Simple moments make a joyful life❣️ Surround yourself with people that you love, people that … Continue reading The Hat 👒

Parenting 💗 from Consciousness💫 is a gift for the world🌎

Why? ✨Because we will see "our" kids for who they are. ✨Because we will see "ourselves" for who we are. ✨Because we will truly understand what is unconditional love. ✨Because we won't shame, hurt or neglect with words or actions. ✨Because we will understand that we ALL are here to grow and share. We will … Continue reading Parenting 💗 from Consciousness💫 is a gift for the world🌎