The butterfly 💗

Go fly and stretch your wings. Don’t do that because of me. Don’t do that because of somebody else. Just do it for you. To honor you and your own journey.

For some people this butterfly’s metaphor won’t make sense. But for some others (like you and me) means the world.

I think of myself as a young butterfly stretching out her wings. Breathing some new and fresh air. The air you breath when you are flying higher than you used to. When you are visiting new lands, when you are meeting new and good people. Making new friendships, creating new communities.

That’s exactly the purpose of evolution. To see yourself in others and in a new context. To learn from that. Out of the box of your past life, out of the box of your judgments, just out of the box.

Meeting myself and others with compassion, love and kindness has changed the game, it has changed MY game. Full surrender, no expectations, no attachments to what is, to what was, to what should be. Everything IS and I am meeting IT in the now.

That has being my KEY tool for a fulfilled life. Not perfect, it is what it is but I know is up to me how I embrace it.

If I suffer is because I am attaching to some “idea” of how things should be, if I am in anger is because I am afraid of something to go “wrong”, and the list goes on and on… It is always up to me😉


Ana Haro 😘

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