I am my very own masterpiece.

No longer looking for approval

No longer longing for recognition/validation

No longer craving for “someone” to see me, to “discover” me and to see my “gifts”.

I own myself. I am my most precious masterpiece. You can’t give me what I need, because I have it myself.

I am so thrilled I reached this point of sufficiency where all is exactly what is needed. Where I am exactly what I love ( not perfection here at all). I am just so able to really see me. To really appreciate me, my path, my evolution, my own life.

I am so thrilled I am finding the words to share my message and to help others to listen to themselves and find their way.

I am so thrilled that, at some point in my path, I stopped drastically and allowed myself to feel lost, to feel alone, to feel sad, to feel frustrated. To feel all that came by me stepping out of the main stream. All that came from the outer world, which really was my inner voice screaming in Fear! I didn’t know at all this was FEAR!

Fear to do it differently, to find my own way. I didn’t know what was going on inside me. But I knew I needed to step out from main stream and to stop.

It was nearly 3 years and a half of confusion, of doing inner work, of searching, searching for coherence. But guess what?

What was I really looking for? , it was ME. I was looking for ME. For my truest version. For my authentic version. Now, I know it is in me. I know, I see it, I feel it. I know how to tap into it.

I am my very own MASTERPIECE. So much gratitude for all people I have met in this journey of self discovery. You have enriched my life in a way words can’t explain.

If I did it, you can do it too. All that is in me, is in you. All that you see in me is in you. We were made the same.

How to start? Here some “adivices”:

1. Start by assessing your current state.

2. Start by listening the uncomfortable voices of confusion. Sit with them and observe what they say. Just observe, no action required.

3. Next step acknowledge you need help, to figure out what is going on inside you.

What kind of help you can get?

-Learn to Meditate and sit in stillness

-Watch less TV

-Ramp up your spiritual life

-Go out to nature

-Gossip less, and have more meaningful conversations

-Read books that are appealing to you. Books that refresh your mind

-Look up for courses, coaching sessions or therapy.

Make yourself and your emotional health your priority.💓😘


Ana Haro

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