Healthy eating🍓🍈🍏🍎🍇💞

This coming week is going to be all about healthy eating 🍏🍉🍎🍓🍇🍈🍉

We need to slow down and really pay attention to our food. Stop stressing so much about it but really enjoying it!

My advice here, the one I follow everyday is: JUST MAKE IT AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE!.

Don’t worry about following “specific” diet (unless of course you have some medical requirements) I am talking about us, the ones that sometimes struggle about knowing what should I eat now?

Go for the most healthy thing you have. Don’t put so much pressure around food and better just ask yourself: what is the most healthy thing I can eat now?

Our habits will be our kids’ habits! So, much better to start paying attention now!

Much love

Ana Haro

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