I am UNIQUE and so are my GIFTS!💞

This is something I work out everyday.

To work out my gifts is beneficial for me and the ones around me.

I don’t make myself or the World any favor by playing small, by ignoring the calls of my heart. I did that for ages and was living in hell.

We must attuned to ourselves and see What is that I am called for? And go for it!

In the extend that we do this with ourselves we will allow “our” children to blossom in whatever they want to be or do. But when we adults are caught in the “mainstream” of cultural beliefs that me must be or do this and that. Away from our true essence, neglecting our true needs. We will do the same to our kids!

We MUST free ourselves first so we can encourage our kids to flourish.

How do we FREE ourselves?

🌟We need to assess our current situation to know if we are living in a way it is aligned to our true nature.

🌟Look for help. It could be books, it could be coaching, it could be courses, it could be therapy.

🌟Learn how to meditate. How to ease the mind. Learn to know your mind and it’s tricks.

We aren’t alone! We all are in this ! Otherwise the World would be way different. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

One baby step at a time and suddenly we will see a shift in the way we live.

Much love

Ana Haro



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