Parenting 💗 from Consciousness💫 is a gift for the world🌎


✨Because we will see “our” kids for who they are.

✨Because we will see “ourselves” for who we are.

✨Because we will truly understand what is unconditional love.

✨Because we won’t shame, hurt or neglect with words or actions.

✨Because we will understand that we ALL are here to grow and share. We will understand that from this sharing we will evolve.

✨Because we will understand that we ALL are our own guru and we are students and teachers at the same time (doesn’t matter our age).

✨Because we will understand that being an adult doesn’t mean at all being superior or knowing better. It just means we have been here at the Earth school longer than children, but we will acknowledge their pure essence and marvel to their innocent and infinite love.

We will finally understand that they come to us to help us in our healing process. That we aren’t perfect neither are they. We (parents) and them (children) enrich each other with our presence. So the more time we give them, the more time we expend with them, the more we share with them, the more we will evolve.

If, only if, we dare to parent from Consciousness.

I am not saying it is easy. I am just saying it is worthy! Let’s try it, let’s do it. We can change the course of the world. It is up to us PARENTS, caregivers, it is in our hands.

Much love

Ana Haro



Dr. Shefali 😘

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