I am AWESOME! ✨✨✨

Yes I am and so are you.

We all are!.

We are ALL we say to ourselves we are.

After so much inner work during the years (and still a work in progress) I have realized I am ALL I say to myself I am.

That’s a powerful awareness! Why? Because I have seen how my inner critic has diminished my quality of life, the quality of my moments, my interactions with other people. Overall I have seen how it has shaped my whole life. I’ve seen how my inner critic has impacted negatively my self worth.

This isn’t about saying daily “affirmations” : I am great! I am awesome!. If you want you can, no harm in that. But my point is, let’s be aware of how we talk to ourselves. And change it! For good! Let’s talk with compassion, like if you were talking to a dear friend. Don’t sermonize, but listen, acknowledge and with infinite compassion, correct your course.

It has taken me tremendous effort. I still have troubles with it, my inner critic is way too harsh. But it is possible! So let’s start the compassion with ourselves and so it will naturally shape our outer world.


Ana Haro ❣️

PS. I am rediscovering my awesomeness😉



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