The Heart of the Soul…💗

Just finished the book yesterday. This is the 2nd one I read from Gary Zukav. If you have read already The Seat of the Soul, this one, The Heart of the Soul will feel familiar. Like a continuation.

It is lovely written, you can even smell the content of the book. It is powerful, but written with kindness. It’s teachings are about EMOTIONS! What are they? How to feel them? How to acknowledge them? and in that process how to free yourself from them.

He and she (because Linda is the the author too), explain that we all have an “Energy System”, because we all are energy itself. So emotions are messengers telling us where in our body, we are loosing “energy” in fear and doubt. And how to transform that into trust and love. So instead of “loosing” energy the energy “leaves” us in love and trust.

For me the take away was huge! I can tell that before and after this book I feel my emotions differently. For now and on, I feel my emotions like they are. I don’t push them, trying to get rid of them, or denying them, or worst, I don’t cover them, with “doing”. I feel the pain of having a “negative” emotion, like anger, frustration, sadness in me, I breath it and see where in my body I am feeling its pain.

Same with “good” emotions, like excitement, happiness. Except that with this I identify the area in my body where the energy is leaving in trust and love. It sounds like non-sense but is a mindful process itself. Really good exercise of awareness.

In this process, you are so “busy” feeling what you are feeling that no reaction is needed. If you are angry, you no longer will yell at some one, or “hurt” anybody. You are in your inner world, decodifying your own “baggage”. So there is not point in entering somebody else’s business nor judge them. You are in full awareness of yourself.

I am not saying I have mastered the process. I am on it but I am amazed of how beautiful it is to get to know myself so deeply that I can tell, what, why, where and how I experience life. Because emotions come and go all the time. So for me getting to know them is really knowing myself in a really deep level.

Love this book!

I highly recommend it, specially if you have read The Seat of the Soul.



Ps. Green juice, a book and a pair of sun glasses was last December self care challenge. What you don’t see in the photo: a toddler running around and a stroller with a 1yo by my side 😂😘

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