Heads up for two amazing courses!💓

I am delighted to be a student of these two beautiful women. I am blessed. I had the opportunity to join them in these two extraordinary courses:

@drshefalitsabary with The year of manifestation. If you are a lover of growth, transformation, spirituality, psychology and all the themes that fall into this path. This is the way to go. It is truly life changing. This is my second year long course with her and it has been terrific (not easy) but so worthy. It will blow your mind away. For women, for men, it doesn’t matter it is for all.

@suzi.lula with @consciouscoachingcourse To all coaches out there! As I am already in the path of Parent Educator in Conscious Parenting (theme I love). I felt the calling of joining Suzi’s course and it has been nothing but gratifying. So enriching, so powerful to embrace the practice of a coach or Educator, from a non-traditional perspective. It has all the “basics” but, the plus is the spiritual practice, the underlying of the “old” beliefs that traps you. The empowerment of building a thriving practice based on non-competition but sharing, openness, self worth and love.

So, if you are looking for some wake up calls! Here there are two powerful ones!

Thank you @karolmirandabliss for the beautiful meme for Suzi’s course❣️ Namsté

Ana Haro


#anaharomyjourney #consciouscoaching #courses #lifechanging #drshefali #suzilula

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