I set my intention…🌟

This Christmas Eve I set my intention…

My intention is about knowing my emotional terrain better, to navigate through it.

My intention is about acknowledging my emotions and seeing through them. To hold the “anger”, to hold the “reaction”, to feel the electrifying sensation of wanting to react and hold it, hold it and hold it a bit more each time. And as a wave in the ocean, seeing it disappear in the vast ocean. I know it will be like hell, I know it as I am already doing it. For me It is much better to be consumed by a “momentary” fire, than living in hell all my life.

While I do this, my intention will transform into disarming my patterns, one by one. It might take all my life, so be it!. I have all my life to do it.

Now it will be about seeing through my “deluded” perception and understand, that’s what it is, just a misguided “form” of seeing the world. My very own deluded way of “judging” myself and others. In order to free myself I first most acknowledge how “messed up” I am.

While I do this, I will be more powerful, less controlled by my “outer” world and I will be more aligned to what I am really, really looking for…

My most authentic self…

Happy Christmas Eve!✨🌟💫



PS. My best photo of nature so far this year… 😘

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