A year like no other 💫💫💫

This year was a powerful one…

Two months ago, a friend of mine told me: You are in your “empowerment year”, Did you know that? .. I was like WHAT? …. Not in a million years I would call this year, “my empowerment year”… plus she told me quite late, or so I thought..

Then I came across with Gary Zukav’s book “The Seat of the Soul” and understood how and why, indeed this year was my “empowerment year”.

This year was just what I needed, just what I asked for…

This year was all at one, my greatest challenges, I faced them this year. My greatest fears, I embraced them this year. My joyfullest moments I lived them this year. My sadness, my sorrow I encountered them this year…

This year was my all, my test to myself, my proof I can do it my way and survive. I am and so I did. It wasn’t easy, it was messy, it was full of ups and downs. It was lonely and full of people. It was bittersweet and will continue to be… because life isn’t steady and lineal. It is full of detours.

So graceful I am that I have the courage to show up this year more me, more authentic, more empathic, more loving…. less judgmental…. I am not perfect, I will never be, I am not in the search for that… just looking for myself in this beautiful Earth school…

Thank you for the ones around me, you filled my life with your presence. Thank you for your kind words and loving presence. Thank you to you for being around….

Thank you for being in the books I read, in the people I met, in the places I visited and in the air I breath…

I am and so, I will keep moving forward…

Cheers to my “Empowerment Year” / boot camp! 😉💗



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