Chaos: The formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe.

This is the definition I got from the dictionary. The one that I liked the most. The others didn’t appeal to me. It is indeed a powerful one for me.

I have been thinking about “Chaos” these days. What is about “chaos” that freaks me out ? Why is the “chaos” a chaos for me ?. I have some how defined “chaos” as something “bad”. But why? because when there is “chaos” there isn’t control. The “thing” is out of control and then that’s why there is chaos. I don’t like “chaos” because for me that lack of control leaves to something “bad/wrong”. Now I see that’s a misbelieve. No matter how “chaotic” the situation is, at the end the result will be the “universe” itself. There is so much power in the “chaos”, transformational power. It is an open gate of endless opportunities and I just didn’t see that until now. There is chaos, which now I see, is the perfect arena to create. It is the actual arena to create. The chaos is the beginning of everything, of course there isn’t control. It will lose its power, it will lose all that is.

There is chaos and there is me the being that will create from it . It is on me what is created. The problem was never the “chaos” was what I was creating out of the “chaos”. My fear, my resistance to it, was the power leading to a “wrong” outcome. The “Chaos” itself is just “infinite opportunities “, an open gate to any direction. As all in this universe is. It is, as always, up to me what path I take …

And then… just to put it in “parenting” words, a friend of mine helped me to remember this quote from Dr Shefali that shed me even more light :

“If you want, clean, tidy and predictable, the parenting will be constantly unfulfilling. If instead you can embrace, mess, chaos and unknown, then this journey become joyful, fun and adventurous”.

I most confess, somedays I can’t see the beauty of the “chaos” but today I do and I acknowledge its power, which is my own power to create.



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